The End of the Laptop-Centric World?

Do you have more laptops or desktop computers because you have different modes of operation,
jobs, clients or applications?

Does not it look ridiculously inefficient and wasteful – especially because we are now in the “cloud”?

It seems that there are quite elegant solutions that move us from this “anchor” centric lifestyle, where activity revolves around a work center on a laptop.

The solutions we have in mind are not always widely used, or at all, widely known. But they are often quite simple, convenient, and even advantageous. Data, access, and security are related to a physical laptop. To be sure, there are absolute scenarios where this should remain the case. But this model is obsolete, because for example, if you have more clients and in order to accomplish your work, you need to access the intranet for each client, as well as a series of their secure, internal applications. It also needs to share data with associates in your company, and share them with individual contacts within each client. That’s why we are switching to “Cloud Era” and doing things that can be simple.

And for “Mobile applications” and “Virtual computers” for each client, a common (or dedicated) desktop operating system is provided behind the firewall. It is also possible to provide a secure flow rate for application flow for specific internal applications (SAP, accounting, web browsing, email, etc.). Both desktop and/or application gateway are available as virtual desktops and apps via web gateway for approved users. All user needs are client devices (laptop, iPad, smartphone) and secure authentication mechanism.

Every time you need to work with a client, we connect to the gateway (click on the application)
hosted by one of the clients and enters security letters of credit. All data is here, as well as emails and applications. There is absolutely secure access to each client.