Our Story

We started back in 2006 as a group of young and ambitious people, IT professionals, friends gathered together, sharing a common interest, who wanted to add value to their lives and give a special meaning to their careers. Over the next 14 years, our team grew slowly, to finally become what it is today. Today, ComIT is a software development and technology consulting company, Serbia-headquartered provider of custom software development services.

Our Team

Today, our team consists of more than 30 members in Serbia, Sweden and the UAE. Some of them are young and ambitious, eager to learn how to succeed and achieve high goals in their careers.
Some are experienced developers, analysts, and specialists who are
constantly ready to mentor, help, and support younger teammates.

Our Team


Aleksandar Milosavljević


Skills: Project Management, Team Management, Software Development, Software Architecture, Business Analytics

Interests: skiing, craft beers, mathematics

Mina Milosavljević


Skills: Communication,
organization, teamwork,
recruitment and selection

Interests: dance, movies, sharks, aviation

Branislav Đalić



Skills: C/C++, JS, Python, C#, Java, Solidity

Interests: machine learning, Blockchain, security

Tanja Marisavljević



Skills: Communication, Planning, Decision-making, Leadership, Organization, Coordination, Research, Project Management, Scrum, Web Design, Marketing

Interests: fashion, food, movies, music

Dušan Terzić

Business Analyst


Skills: Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Investment Projects, Business Development

Interests: crossfit, mountaineering, statistics

Marija Kokić

Project Manager


Skills: Communication, Agile Project Management, Teamwork

Interests: diving, nature, caving

FullStack Development

Andrija Milojević

Team Lead


Skills: Leadership, C++, Node, React, PHP

Interests: IT security, space, travel

Vukašin Pešić

Full Stack Developer


Skills: C/C++, JS, C#, Java

Interests: cars, hiking, food

Milica Bajić

FrontEnd Developer

Skills: React, JavaScript, Node, HTML, CSS

Interests: nature, travel, bike riding, food & cooking

Matija Radicević

FrontEnd Developer

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Photoshop, Illustrator

Interests: graphic design, drawing, photography, fantasy and sciFi novels

Katarina Serafin

FrontEnd Developer


Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS

Interests: books, dogs, learning

Nikola Stanojević

Backend developer

Skills: Node.js, machine learning, databases, mathematics

Interests: blockchain, sports, food & white wines

Mobile Development

Dejana Stevanović

Android Developer

Skills: Android SDK, Kotlin, Java, Spring, Xamarin, Databases

Interests: computer science, hiking, travel

Aleksandar Marinković

Android Developer


Skills: Android SDK, Kotlin, Java, RxJava, C++, JavaScript, HTML, JSON, Rest, Postman, Firebase, Jetpack, Git, Database, SOLID, MVP, MVVM

Interests: chess, tennis, beer

Miloš Stevanović

iOS Developer


Skills: Swift, Objective-C, Data Persistence, Networking, Concurrency, Source Control

Interests: machine learning, travel, physics

WordPress Development

Milan Jelić

Senior Web Developer


Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, Sass, JS, WordPress

Interests: photography, nature, sport

Nemanja Mićić

Medior Web Developer


Skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress, JS, PHP

Interests: nature, travel, learning

UI/UX Design

Ognjen Odobašić

UI/UX Team Leader


Skills: Project Management, Team Management, Leadership, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, DTP

Interests: Teo & Eva, gaming, rakija

Danijela Prijović



Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, inVision, Zeplin, Balsamiq, Photography

Interests: fashion, ballet, photography

Igor Pešić

UI/UX Designer


Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, inDesign, Sketch, Figma, UX Pin, Axure RP, InVision Studio, Webflow

Interests: nature, diving, real aikido, football, food & cooking


Dragan Dragović

SEO Specialist


Skills: SEO, WordPress

Interests: speed skating, fishing

Quality Assurance

Marko Kolašinac

Head of QA


Skills: Software Quality Assurance, Cypress Software Testing, Selenium, Java, JS

Interests: practical shooting, bike riding, gardening

Nemanja Burazer

QA Engineer


Skills: Cypress, Appium, JS

Interests: cycling, travelling

David Lukić

QA Engineer


Skills: Cypress, Selenium, Appium, JS

Interests: sport, animals, games

Dušan Pantić

Technical Support & QA


Skills: Computer Hardware, Windows Server, Manual Testing, Cisco Networking, System Administration

Interests: music, cars, sport

Vladan Cvetković

QA Engineer

Skills: Cypress, Selenium, JS
Interests: sport, taekwondo, books, nature

Nemanja Pavlović

CS Agent

Skills: open-mindednes, dependability, conflickt resolution, adaptability

Interests: football,board games,wine

Filip Milovanović

CS Agent

Skills: enacious, Timely, Patient, Friendly, Responsible, Organized

Interests: football, gym, music, coding, games

Our Values

Great companies are not just about money, clients, and profits. They stand for their employees. The values of our company are not only recognized in places such as the company’s website and the standard company mission statement. They actually live and breathe through our people, inside and outside our company.

We follow through our commitments, take accountability for our actions, respect each other, own up our mistakes and try to learn from them.

Striving for excellence
Our daily motivation is to strive to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do.

We’re loyal to the company and to each member of the team. We support one another in every way to achieve our goals.

We lead by example. We always see an opportunity in a challenge and always think positive.

Positive energy
We generate and encourage enthusiasm and positive energy in our company.


Are you interested in joining us?

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