About us

Our story

About us – ComIT is a software development and technology consulting company, Serbia-headquartered provider of custom software services. We offer our clients a wide range of software products and services with leading technologies.

We are a third millennium company, just one click away from each other and from you. We develop software applications for mobile devices and web. That is what we know the best. We respect our clients and we partner with them for a long term.

We started back in 2006 as a group of young and ambitious people, IT enthusiasts, friends gathered together, sharing common interest, who wanted to add value to their lives and give a special meaning to their careers.

Over the next 11 years our team grew slowly, to finally become what it is today.

Our team

Today, our team consists of more than 30 members in Serbia, Sweden, Spain, Greece, UAE. Some of them are young and bright men and women, willing to learn to advance and achieve high goals in their careers. The others are experienced developers, analysts and consultants always willing to mentor, support and help younger colleagues.

When starting a project, we assemble teams that possess a deep knowledge across the different technologies involved in that project. These teams are normally composed of senior and junior developers with a technical lead who enforces best practices and patterns for specific technologies. We always motivate our people to be innovative and creative.

Goran Milovanović


Aleksandar Milosavljević


Tanja Marisavljević

Project manager

Predrag Marković

Project manager

Vladimir Milutinović

Project manager

Duško Milošević

Chief of web team

Nikola Puzović

Web developer

Milan Jelić

Web developer

Milica Bajić

Web developer

Marko Mićić

Web developer

Nemanja Mićić

Web developer

Ana Stevanić

Web developer

Miroslav Petrović

Internet marketing specialist

Danijela Prijović

Internet marketing specialist

Stefan Todorović

Web developer

Mobile development

Aleksandar Marinković

Chief of mobile team

Dejana Stevanović

Android developer

Mihailo Rnković

Android developer

Branko Grbić

R&D engineer

Petar Stepanović

iOS developer

Nikola Rnković

iOS developer

Miloš Stevanović

iOS developer

UI/UX design

Stevan Mikić

Art director

Magdalena Jovanović


Sales and marketing

Zoran Milovanović

Business development manager

Milica Lončarević

Sales and administrative officer

Quality assurance

Nemanja Marisavljević

QA engineer

Dejan Radanović

QA engineer

System administration and support

Svetomir Nikolić

System engineer

Vladimir Bukilić

Support engineer


Sergej Dodig

Oracle consultant

Igor Vučković

Enterprise web applications consultant

Emir Mujazinović

React Native consultant

Branko Marković

VoIP and system engineer