VQuarter is online platform for property and rental management.

Design solution for this project had to be done by the book because client already had the book of standards.

The project development has been carried out on three platforms, web, iOS and Android with complex database and backend. Development and implementation of new features required deep system analysis and consulting.

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Zvezdara Theater

Zvezdara Theater is a Belgrade theater founded in 1984 with a specific goal to promote pieces of contemporary Yugoslav writers.

This project required full compliance with strict standards design solution and UX website development, both frontend and backend.

We also managed hosting and maintenance as well as SEO and security services.

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Sharp Gentlemen

Sharp gentlemen is application for serious sport bettors who invest their capital carefully.

While the Client came up with crystal clear work-flow and features, we had the highest level of freedom regarding design and implementation.

Development of this project stretched from website to web backend and frontend as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Zaustavimo bol

Zaustavimo bol (Let’s stop the pain) is a personal medical diary. UI/UX required comprehensive analysis because of inconsistent user profiles.

Design solution, on the other hand, had to be consistent with social and human aspect of the app. The application is running on iOS and Android platforms, powered by database, backend and frontend for administration.

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sHotels is startup project based on years of system analysis, case studies and consultations within hospitality industry.

It consists of scalable database, flexible backend and mobile apps for hotel guests, room service and housekeeping staff as well as top and middle management. We have implemented innovative design solution as well as smooth and logical UI/UX. Highest level support, security, maintenance and hosting provided.

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4winners is virtual application where one can compare own investments made in sport betting. UI /UX developed upon analysis of specific audience and demanding users.

Development of website, frontend, backend and mobile apps has been a challenge eagerly accepted alike with design solution implementation.

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Click to win is a premium service with daily updates on sport betting predictions market. Simple solutions are never easy to be found.

This project had to be simple, easy to use and user friendly on all platforms, website, backend and frontend as well as iOS and android apps. Design requests have been clear, fully in line with project spirit, make it discreet and appealing.

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Atelje 212

Since Atelje 212, as a theatre, is cultural institution of national significance, we had to comply with strict standards and requirements regarding design and UI.

The overall project covered website front-end and back-end development as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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And many, many more…


  • Vquarter – development of complex backend system for VQ startup
  • British American Tobbaco – Development of HR module
  • The Word On Food – Development of backend system for nutritions and follow up of their clients
  • Ministry of trade, tourism and telecommunications – application for free vacation vouchers in Serbia
  • Auto Centar Stankovic – custom backend system for automatic networking with all suppliers, sales automatization and connection with web shop
  • sHotels – concierge system for hotels
  • Terrae Car – Backend system for Taxi and Rent a car company
  • OŠ Mackat – Backend system for school library
  • Custom web shop software
  • Samsung Gmbh – development of complex sales motivation system
  • NeZaboravi.me – development of application for custom QR code manipulation
  • Sharp Gentlemen – development of system for online gambling
  • ncONE – development of backend system for VoIP application
  • Moja Avantura – development of software for interactive geo mapping


  • Prognostika
  • Click 2 Win
  • 4 winners
  • Sharp gentleman
  • Vquarter
  • Local alarm system
  • Panic alarm system
  • Android Vodic
  • ncONE
  • SkaViSes
  • Zaustavimo bol
  • BizINFO
  • Gastro Suisse
  • sHotels
  • IH & RA 51st congres
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