Smart Ways to Boost E-commerce Product Reviews

Did you know that 61% of customers make informed purchase decisions based on the reviews they read online? Product reviews have been proven to be the leading sales drivers. The “Reviews” or “Testimonials” page is one of the most powerful pages of your site. It can make or break your e-commerce experience.

If you want people to review your products, why not ask them?

Asking can be quite intimidating especially when you are not used to it. But asking your customers to return the favor is like telling them how confident you are about your product. Assuming you have done your best to exceed their expectations, tell them that you would be grateful if they will let others know.

When you ship your product, include a note that encourages the customer to leave a review.

The best time to get a review is when your customer has just received their purchase—when the satisfaction and excitement are still in the air. Thus, do not forget to include a note to say you hope that they enjoy their new gadget, headphone, or whatnot, and ask them to visit your site to leave feedback.

Offer free products for an honest review.

If you browse through the Amazon site, chances are, you would come across testimonials by customers mentioning that they have received certain products for free in exchange for honest feedback. You can apply such a strategy to your site. You can also offer them free trials, discounts, or giveaways if they send in a video review. The possibilities are almost endless. Remember, the more enticing your offer, the more reviews you would likely receive. You can check out The Ultimate Shopify Review Guide to see how they obtain overwhelming positive reviews from their customers.

Find people who are willing to review your products.

You may stumble upon some customer reviews that have been written about your company on personal blogs or social media that are unsolicited. Setting up daily notifications through your email to keep track of brand mentions that may include your business name, brand, or specific product name plus the word “review” proves to be very beneficial. You can use such alerts to find out if there are any reviews about your product and ask those people who have talked about your brand if you can post their comments on your reviews page. More often than not, they’ll be glad to do so, especially if this is in exchange for a link from your site.

Find bloggers in your niche who review products.

Getting reviews from online content creators and bloggers can contribute significantly to the success of your new product or your E-commerce store as a whole. Once you get good blog coverage, make it a point to continue cultivating those relationships. Every now and then, check the comments section of any post you may have been mentioned in and discuss possible concerns openly. More importantly, thank the blogger for doing the coverage.

Wrap it up.

No one wants to read huge blocks of texts, so it is important to write a summary of your product description or existing product reviews. That is what your potential customers will skim for. Wrapping up your texts can help bind together long reviews into concise opinions about your product, as that is the reason the customer visited your site in the first place.