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RAZ Mobility: Featured in The New York Times

RAZ Mobility: Featured in The New York Times

We are excited to share some fantastic news that showcases the impact of our work at RAZ Mobility! Our project has been prominently featured in The New York Times, a testament to the dedication and innovation behind our mission to enhance communication for older adults.


The New York Times Feature:

In a recent article by Liz Seegert titled “The Best Cell Phones for Older Adults”, RAZ Mobility stood out as a pioneering force in the realm of senior-friendly technology. Our RAZ Mobility Memory Phone was highlighted as a game-changer for individuals dealing with memory issues and cognitive decline.


Key Features:

1) Ease of Use: Designed to be user-friendly, this phone simplifies the calling process for individuals with memory loss or dementia.
2) Dedicated Emergency Feature: The phone has an SOS link that can alert up to three contacts and connect with RAZ’s call center in case of emergencies.
3) Caregiver-Controlled: Caregivers can manage the phone through an online portal or app, allowing them to block unwanted calls, set quiet hours, and monitor their loved one’s location through GPS tracking.
4) Reminders and Video Calls: Caregivers can send reminders to the phone, and the device supports video calls through the caregiver app.


Why The New York Times Noticed:

The recognition by The New York Times is a testament to the impact our RAZ Mobility Memory Phone is making in the lives of older adults and their caregivers. We are proud to be featured in such a respected publication, highlighting the exceptional features and benefits of our product.


RAZ Mobility - New York Times

For an in-depth look at the New York Times article that spotlights our project, you can read the full article [here]

Through this project, we had the opportunity to improve the lives of older adults and individuals with unique needs. Being featured in The New York Times is a milestone that underscores our commitment to providing customized and innovative solutions.