How to Increase Website Conversion Rates – 5 Awesome Steps

Conversion rates are the percentage of prospective customers taking the specific actions you want. No matter how good your business conversion rates are, there is always room for improvement. Improving your conversion rates results in an improvement in profits. There are several ways for increasing conversion rates.

You need to increase the online and offline conversion rates for you to optimize on the profits. If your rates are on the decline, it could translate into losses. To prevent this from happening, here are five ways you can increase your business conversion rates.

User-generated content

Customers want to be associated with a company that is credible. There are many ways of getting credibility including through the use of user-generated content. User-generated content is where other customers rate the product or service. They can also give reviews on the product. Having this content will improve your conversion rates since customers will believe that your company is real and has a genuine product or service.

Clear contact information

You should have clear contact information on your website. Customers do not want to have to look for your contacts but instead should be able to clearly see it. Having a phone number and live chat option increases conversions since customers will have confidence that your company is real. If you have an address, it will act as a bonus since clients will know where to look for you. Having customers access your contact information gives them an assurance that you are willing and able to answer their questions at any time.

Get customers to invest their time on your website

The more time a customer invests on your website, the higher their chances of making a purchase. You need to find ways to keep them on your website for longer. One of the things you can do is increase the number of services you offer or broaden your product selection. For instance, sites like Bidvine offer clients a number of services under one roof. They ensure that customers who need professional services can get them from their website. It makes customers spend time on their site since they know they will get a particular service and this translated into a higher conversion rate.


You need to constantly get feedback from customers on how you can improve your business. The feedback can be obtained through passive observation and also through direct interaction with the customer. Getting feedback will show that you care about their needs and it will increase your conversion rates. Customers want to be associated with a company that listens and pays attention to their needs.


Offering customers, a guarantee gives them more confidence in your business. When customers trust your business, it automatically translates into higher conversion rates. The longer the guarantee, the higher the conversion rates. For instance, customers are more likely to buy a product with a one-year guarantee compared to that with a three-month guarantee.