How To Boost & Increase Your Online Sales

The internet has become the world’s most visited market with no limit. These days more and more people prefer buying items online. Now is the best time to sell your products online and expand your business globally. If you are struggling to increase your online sales read these tips and tricks and improve your online sales.

1. Why web design is important to your online shop?

Online shop development will greatly boost your business and allow you to reach the global market, but only if it is well designed and contains all the required elements. That’s why you need to hire someone who cares about developing an online shop that has a clean design, intuitive layouts, and follows the latest web design trends.

2. Landing Page drives the results

A landing page is a very important element of every website. It is a page that stands on your website independently and to which users come from your internet marketing campaigns. Unlike the homepage, which serves to present your company and provide some basic information about you, the landing page serves to bring users closer to a specific product or service, or a specific group of products.

Do I really need a Landing Page?

A great landing page requires a lot of effort and time, but it also provides a big contribution to online sales. More information on how to make a good landing page and what it should contain can be found here, but one of the things you need to put on your landing page is a call to action.

What is a CTA?

A call-to-action (CTA) can be described as a term, sentence or phrase that motivates your visitors to become your clients. Of course, an attractive and striking CTA will not increase your number of customers in itself but it plays an extremely important role in combination with other elements.

Where to put CTA?

It is very important that your CTA is easily noticeable, or even conspicuous. That’s why it’s best to mark your CTA in a different colour from the rest of your online store so that visitors will notice it. As for the position that the CTA should occupy on your website, there is no universal solution. Experiment and try multiple positions until you find one where the CTA will be easily spotted and aligned with the rest of the website.

What is a good CTA?

When it comes to the content of the call to action, it must be written in such a way as to attract the attention of visitors and encourage them to buy one of your products or leave you personal information. For example, don’t just write “sign up” or “buy now.” A good CTA will offer some added value to visitors, like “Subscribe to our email list and get a 10% discount on your first purchase.”

3. Think of user experience

Having an online shop with simple and easy navigation is essential for user experience and online sales. Bad navigation can push people away from your website easily. Just focus on developing an online shop with simple and easy navigation.

How to improve website navigation

Put a menu or links to different product categories in a prominent place and make sure all categories and products are named properly. In addition, try to make each page of your online shop so that there is an easy way for your customers to return to the main page, choose another category, find your company’s contact information or go directly to the shopping page (shopping cart).

Search button

Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re interested in by putting a search button on your online shop. Choose reliable software that will ensure that visitors to your website always get relevant results. It is also important to allow the search button to allow the use of filters so that users can get the most accurate results, especially if you have a large range of products.

4. Correct product description and price

Product name

First of all, it is important that product names are descriptive, both for your users and for SEO optimization. For example, “24-carat gold ring” is a better name than “Gold ring” from an SEO point of view, and your visitors will know exactly what kind of product it is from the very beginning. It is also important that product names are unique. Do not give similar names to products because it can confuse customers, but also negatively affect your position on Google.

Product description

An accurate and simple product description is very important. It is also important to be detailed and descriptive. The point is to find the right balance between brevity and depth, that is, to describe the product in detail, but to include only relevant information in the description. Remember to include keywords in your product description to optimize them for search engines.
If your products are available in different sizes, you will need a size selector. It is best to position it just below the product and description. You can also use a pop-up selector that will display the available sizes when the mouse hovers over the product image.

Product prices

Make sure that all prices of your products are clearly stated and, above all, accurate. It is best to immediately include the costs of taxes, fees and delivery in the prices listed for the product. A large number of users cancel the purchase in the last step when they see the delivery price or some other additional costs. You can offer free delivery and thus increase the number of conversions, ie. sale.

If you have products that are on sale, state both the original and the discounted price, as well as the discount percentage, if possible. Of course, make sure that the products at a discount are especially visible in your online store.

Video descriptions

The human brain processes visual content easier and faster than text, and even 60,000 times faster. Your content can generate up to 94% more views if enriched with visual elements and charts. Visual content makes up 93% of the total communication between people. These are just some of the interesting data shared by Hubspot and which show the importance of the visual elements of your online store. Video descriptions can bring your products even closer to your customers. You can shoot your products from multiple angles, for example, which is an advantage over the image. Try to show the functionality of your product in your video descriptions, not just the look.

It is also good to include a transcript of the video description, preferably below the video. This will also allow users who have hearing problems to watch the video without any problems, but you will also improve your SEO optimization of the site.

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