How to Gain Customer Trust

How to Gain Customer Trust in 4 Steps?

Online shopping keeps on growing year by year. Surveys show that more than 75 percent of shoppers over age 15 bought something online whereas the latest Mastercard survey(, carried out among citizens of Serbia,) shows that the level of user confidence in the security of Internet purchases is growing. Even ¾ out of 77% of citizens, doing transactions in this way, believe that such a purchase is safe.
Here’s how to to make occasional users become regular customers, in 4 steps.

Give customers a seamless experience

You want to give your customers a seamless experience. Creating a fantastic website is certainly the first step. The more transparent your shop is, the more attractive it is … the more chances are that the customers will identify you as reliable, secure partners and are willing to buy a particular product.

Real-time communication

Online shop visitors or clients could have a question regarding the product or service offered. They might just want to tell you what they think. Make yourself available to your clients.
In case of a problem when buying or making an order, a user should be able to contact technical support and have a problem resolved as soon as possible. An online chat is a very good way to have communicate with users at any time.


Satisfied clients are willing to share their testimonials. The praise of existing users is a reliable way of gaining trust. Customers who share their positive experiences are a great way to showcase your credibility.

Online payment safety

The general opinion of experts is to advise users to treat online payments the same way as standard payments – i.e. not to disclose to anyone any card number, PIN or CVC codes, either directly or through social networks. Furthermore, it is also desirable to check whether the websites on which they are shopping have a padlock symbol and an https: // tag that guarantees secure data encryption.

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