Cultivating a New Tech Category

What we do first is to properly appreciate and position the technology by solving a well-defined problem or creating a new valuable capability that customers will pay, but this is not enough when the technology or category is new or focused.

If we want to ensure a mature market category – when customers believe technology is worthwhile, we do not hesitate to involve competitors. It’s important for analysts to recognize and formally cover the right category with ratings. In the event that the approach in our category is different or unusual, we always think that we are changing into a more familiar/understandable product model and price.
For most technologies, we absolutely require community developers, administrators and / or architects to adopt our platform, APIs, architecture, etc. Expectations will be to publish information, examples and best practices, and even free testing – until they learn/adopt our technology. We also work with partners, software vendors, service providers or any other company that invests in an ISV and / or alliance program, where the promotion of value for clients is helped. We invest in very intentional marketing content, social marketing, use of hosting,
SEO, conference possibilities speak, etc.

Wherever possible, we also work with influencers around the space (analysts, editors, etc.).
We develop new topics at fairs and conferences and encourage our clients to do the same.
Every successful project is rewarded.

Our best marketing is the client’s recommendation.