Cloud-Hosted Desktops: Real and Growing

Every day a question arises (by clients, partners, analysts) whether hosted / virtual desktop computers that are transmitted over the public Internet make sense?

Our response takes a tailor-made analytical method and lists the offers and types of companies that are already on the market and growing.

Regarding the economic advantages / counters, it seems that there are levels of arguments about which approach has a lower total cost of ownership, what are the best effects, what infrastructure to use, etc.

Delivery from any type of device (computers, phones, tablets, touch devices) is now possible, enables device roaming sessions, provides superior data security / sandboxing, has global availability and provides an excellent user experience for launch. More than you get on fixed computers.

Online Desktop delivers all the essential requirements for applications and data through a convenient Intercept IT cloud. Remote computer service is available wherever there is an Internet connection. Before companies have to manage expensive IT systems, it is possible to effectively rent IT as a service, based on the price per user, on a monthly subscription.