benefits of using Facebook for your business

The benefits of using Facebook for your business

Facebook has become one of the biggest social platforms. People use it not only to connect with their friends and family, but it turned out also to be a useful tool for promotions and advertising business.

Let’s take a look at some of Facebook’s benefits you shouldn’t miss because they help you to increase profits and grow business:

Facebook – a marketing strategy for everyone’s budget

Costly marketing activities performed through other channels may be reduced by half with Facebook. This model is ideal for small and medium enterprises with a limited budget. Larger companies can also use marketing concepts available on Facebook before the start of a larger campaign.

Raising brand awareness in the target industry niche

Facebook page is a place, generally speaking, where you may publish your business name, address and contact. Furthermore, you can briefly describe your products and services, add information about your team and history, bring out any aspect of your business activities that might be attractive to Facebook users who are interested in it.

Uploading images and videos about your business

A picture is worth a thousand words, hence uploading images and videos about your business could be a powerful way to communicate with your clients or potential clients.
This way, you enable them to see your product or find out more about your services without actually having to come and visit your business premises.

Linking the Instagram account with Facebook profile

While Facebook is more a “comment” oriented social network, Instagram is a “visual” social network. Instagram is, therefore, an excellent way to promote art and craft items, products and services. Since it is possible to link your Instagram account with your Facebook profile, in a well-planned marketing campaign, you may set your Facebook posts to appear on Instagram simultaneously. Thus, no need to change the planned budget whereas you may considerably increase your visibility.

Providing customer support

Publishing posts on the wall is a powerful way to influence sales. This is also a very good way to provide answers to anticipated questions from the audience without having the need to approach clients or customers individually.

Attract Facebook users to your Website

Linking your Facebook page with your Website is a great option. As compared to an average website visitor, a Facebook user is more likely to be interested in the content of the website. When clicking on the link to your Website, Facebook users already have basic information about your business, therefore they might be more perceptive to the offer.

Targeted advertising

Facebook can analyze an enormous quantity of information entered by millions of users on a daily basis. This fact enables you to target your audience based on users’ interests and profiles. Thus, targeted advertising allows you to direct posts and ads to users who are supposed to be interested in what you have to offer.

Nowadays, we all “live ” on the internet, most probably spending most of the time on Facebook. Whether to advertise on Facebook or not is not an issue. It is necessary if you want your brand or your product to be successful on the market.

In case that Facebook is not part of your marketing campaigns currently, our advice is to have it reconsidered and get started now.