Why is it relevant to have a blog post on a website?

Author: Milena Kocoljevac 19/04/2018

Simply put, blog is a personal online magazine.

Blog is a place where you can express yourself in a unique way, a place where you can share your topics, your interests, your tips …

There are many reasons why would someone decide to write a blog. Somebody may start a blog because he or she wants to raise ranking on the search engine. Someone could simply want to share own opinion about specific topic, whereas somebody else might just want to make money.

Increase of website traffic

If your goal is to increase your site’s visibility and gain new customers, blogging is one of the best and easiest ways to present your products and services.

Many studies show that blogging is gaining popularity and, therefore, traffic is increasing.

Google requires unique and fresh content to attract more users and thus take a high place when searching in the field you are dealing with.

Gain customer confidence through blogging

There are no strict rules on how many words should a certain blog post have. On the other hand, it is clear that a rather short texts, consisting of only 100, 200 or 300 words, can hardly bring out serious argumentation on any topic. However, if you have 50 or more  blog posts related to topics and issues of the profession you are dealing with, they could be a proof Your expertise and professionalism in the field.

Communication with customers

If your site does not offer an option for your audience to speak directly to you, then it is very difficult to get in touch with readers.

By enabling comments on a blog you get a great way to improve communication with readers, to get to know what current clients have to say, prepare for the future business steps and use the experiences from the past.

Expansion of the group of visitors

A Blog has the power and ability to make your readers come back to your website as frequent visitors.

When you talk to your friends or have a discussion with your colleagues, you have either said it yourselves or heard somebody else say: “I have read an article about it,” haven’t you? Therefore sharing some relevant content on social networks, giving readers a chance to talk about it and share it further is a great way to expand your group of readers and attract new visitors to your website.

That is the reason why, when it comes to making an offer for a website,  we always suggest it to our clients and include an option to have a blog.