Idea definition

You have unique idea with great potential but you don't know much about technology and how digital stuff work. We will help you to develop workflow and functional concept of idea and at the end of this process you will understand exactly how things should work and we can plan budget.

Business analytics

When idea becomes a functional concept, we can define technologies that should be used, build a detailed plan, dedicate people to project and estimate time and budget.

Design and prototyping

We design everything from the ground-up using wireframes that reflect user personas and create a friendly user experience for your customers. With intuitive navigation and relevant content, your website or application will provide a smooth user experience for target audience.

Development mobile / backend / frontend

Based on plan and prototype, we will build your mobile app, website or back office system

Quality Assurance

Our QA team regularly provides quality assurance checks to make sure your website or mobile app is working right. Fixing issues within the project is an important way to show that you are listening to your customers and striving to provide them with an optimal experience at all times.

Launch and support

After the launch, our marketing/maintenance/security team will provide all the help you need to keep your web site current, functional, and viable. Also we will provide server maintenance support and ongoing development requests